Wales Environmental Leadership Conference

Aberystwyth University, 8th February 2013


Wales is claiming a stake in the international political response to climate change, biodiversity loss and more broadly in the global transition towards sustainable patterns of development. As with all actors in global environmental politics, its power to speak meaningfully in this arena depends upon the sustainable future it builds here in Wales. The policies created and practices generated to care for the people and the environment of Wales—as shaped by decisions taken at the international level—will determine the extent to which Wales can be identified as an international environmental leader. To be successful, these environmental policies must include the perspective of those implementing and practicing sustainable living. This requires building a shared vision for a sustainable Wales and realising this through environmental policy and everyday practice.

The aim of this conference is to ascertain Wales’ place in international environmental politics and to identify how, through its environmental practices, Wales can strengthen its position in generating an international response to shared environmental problems. Achieving this requires bringing together all those with a stake in building a sustainable Wales: from those representing Wales internationally to the community actors integrating, implementing and living environmental action. Research and researchers can serve as a vital conduit between these communities, enabling the realisation of a shared, environmentally sound future. However, to act as such, universities, research groups and individual academics need to deepen relations within and between communities, and to ascertain how research studies are relevant and can contribute to creating a sustainable Wales. This conference will bring representatives from political, activist and scholarly communities together, strengthening relations vital for the practice of Wales as a global environmental actor.

For full programme click here.

This conference is organised by the Environmental Politics Research Group and the Institute of Welsh Politics with support from the International Politics Department and the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University.


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